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Outdoor Living 2021

Our top two trends for Outdoor Living 2021 are inspired by our consumers appetite for sustainable, organic-influenced spaces, and a return to calmer, everyday spaces.


Trend 01: Sunset Spritz


While the nomadic world has been a popular source of design inspiration in recent years, we anticipate SS21 taking a less literal approach to global. Over saturated colors and patterns inspired by distant lands are replaced with textural repeats reminiscent of natural materials and organic pigment inspired colourways. Minimal tropical prints are joined by marbling and soft geometrics to create a soothing, wellness inspired presentation. Sunset tones and terracotta combine with lagoon greens to create a natural, calm atmosphere that compliments a summer backdrop rather than compete.


  • Look for polished rounded forms and metallic finishes and details  give this trend a luxe appeal for your consumer. 
  • Consider eco-friendly cushion fills, recycled-plastic textiles and casual indoor/outdoor appeal to give this trend extra longevity.

Trend 02: Graphic Getaway


As consumers shift towards products with longer life-cycles, timeless design are becoming more popular. Our SS21 Graphic Getaway trend utilizes a layered monochrome colour palette with contrasting graphic textures and patterns to create an elevated, sleek summer aesthetic that is anything but boring.

Graphic stripes, terrazzo prints and marble patterns give dimension and scale to this trend. Forms are inspired by natural elements like caning and wood materials but executed with hype-graphic treatments to give it edge. While this trend is about contrast, the elements have been carefully curated to work with all SS 2021 trends as consumers appreciate the ability to personalize through layering and versatility. 



  • Take the guess-work out of your customers purchasing by offering versatility through pattern and texture, while maintaining harmonious colour palettes for easy layering.
  • Consider eco-friendly cushion fills, recycled plastics, metals and natural materials to give this trend extra longevity.



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